l i n d e r a

a four season herbal intensive
with michigan herbalist jim mcdonald

a p p l i c a t i o n



Hi!  Thanks for your interest in my herb course!  

I've got finalized dates, details and links to writings, videos, and frequently asked questions on the main intensive page here:

lease cut and paste the info below into an email, type out some answers to the following questions and send this along back to me at jim@herbcraft.org


• name...


• address...


• phone (and when is the best time to reach you by phone)...


• email...


• relevant website/social media page(s)...


• what is your experience/interest with herbs/plants?


• how did you hear about me/my work/this course?

• have you read the Frequently Asked Questions about the intensive?


• have you read stuff I've written and checked out videos of my walks/teaching?


• what do you hope to get out of this course?


 is there a particular reason you want to study with me (in particular, as opposed to just taking an herb course and I happen to be offering one)?


• do you feel you'll be physically able to spend a day out doors, hiking on dirt trails up hills and down dales?


• do you feel confident you can commit to coming to the full course?  

(I do understand that sometimes things like weddings, having the stomach flu, giving birth or car troubles can make it hard or impossible to make all the classes.  But, I also know that some people struggle with following through with time commitments... if you have, please take time to consider this when signing up for the course.)


• do you understand the payment/refund policy, as written on the main intensive page with all the dates and info?


• what other things do you love?

• How many (as in what number range) is a couple? 

  A few? 



email this back to me at jim@herbcraft.org... I'll contact you all to talk more personally soon (keep in mind that sometimes my teaching/traveling schedule can get in the way of quick responses); please hold off on sending any payments until we talk.


looking forward to connecting with you!


jim mcdonald



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