Food & Dining

Grocery & Natural Food Stores

10805 Highland Road
(248) 698-4700                 White Lake, MI 48386
Kroger has a natural/organic food section located in the produce department.

6001 Highland Road
(248) 889-6810                  White Lake, MI 48383
Meijer has natural/organic food, spread throughout the grocery part of the store.  This location is closest to the class.

Meijer                                  4200 Highland Road
(248) 738-7801                  Waterford, MI 48328
Meijer has natural/organic food, spread throughout the grocery part of the store.  This location is closer to some of the hotels.


The Root Restaurant and Bar 
340 Towne Center Blvd
(248) 698-2400                  White Lake, MI 48386
Really nice restaurant, relatively expensive.  Somewhat fancy food, but you don't need to dress up.  Or not have sap stains on your hands.  Mostly local michigan food, and very good food; organic and gluten free options.  Close by. 

Siam Fusion     
                    6845 Highland Road
(248) 887-1300                  White Lake, MI 48383
REALLY good Thai restaurant, a bit pricey, but very good food… be aware that carry out on a weekend can take a LONG time (sometimes over an hour from when you call).

L.A. Cafe                              5815 Dixie Hwy
(248) 623-1610                   Waterford, MI 48329
Best local coffee shop; good affordable food with vegetarian and meat options, ~great~ omelets, and cool people there.

Clarkston Union                   54 South Main Street
(248) 620-6100                  Clarkston, MI 48346
Really good restaurant, though kind of small, usually busy and a bit loud.  Good food, unique menu, and LOTS of varieties of good beer and hard cider.  Probably not likely, but not impossible to see Kid Rock there, if you're into him.  Worth eating at - people rave over their Mac & Cheese.

Union Woodshop                  18 South Main Street
(248) 625-5660                   Clarkston, MI 48346
Owned by the same folks as the Clarkston Union, and good as well; southern style barbeque, woodfired pizza, pulled pork; quality ingredients and they have collard greens available as a side (yeah!) ~ THEY HAVE A GLUTEN FREE MENU ~

Deer Lake Inn                        7504 Dixie Hwy
(248) 795-2077                   Clarkston, MI 48346
Nice restaurant, kind of pricey, but REAL good food and reasonably priced carry out… good salads, and if you like pizza, theirs is exquisite.  They'll put kale on it, if you ask.

Billy's Tip'in Inn     
             6707 Highland Road
(248) 889-7885                  White Lake, MI 48383
Ribs/chicken/steak kinda place, sometimes live music.  Decent food, reasonably priced. 

El Patio Mexican Restaurant
7622 Highland Road
(248) 666-5231                   Waterford, MI 48327
I hear this is good, authentic mexican (mexican food's not my thing, but people seem to really like this place).

Biggby Coffee                        330 Towne Center Blvd
(248) 698-2462                   White Lake, MI 48386
Not the best local coffee shop (see LA Cafe), but the closest.

There are, as well, numerous fast food restaurants, sub shops, and other chain restaurants places to eat up and down Highland Road (M-59) and Dixie Hwy (24).


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