other idiosyncratic miscellany...

Oh, you are curious, aren't you? 



My beautiful wife Stephanie, my blessed boys Liam Sage & Rowan Skye and daughter Elowen Juniper Gael, our cats Chicken Little & Lavender, and our blue heeler Daamagome (maggie)...


sadly, Calamity, Ceilidh and Bramble the weasel are, as Liam Sage so aptly stated, "In the dirt." (well, for Ceilidh, maybe we should sadly say "In the coyote"...)


instruments I play...

Guitar (electric & acoustic, though, shamefully, I'm a better electric guitarist than acoustic)

Bamboo Flute

Bamboo Pan Pipes

Native American Flute (mine's sassafras)

Laptop Dulcimer (alas, for I no longer have one...)


Various Hand Drums & Percussives


I also sing in my car with gusto, but am way to self conscious to belt it out when anyone's around... maybe someday I'll get over that.  Someone once asked me if there might be an herb or flower essence for such trepidatiousness... methinks that probably a fermented or perhaps even distilled elixir, in liberal dosage, would be most effective.


personal oddities...

Not real good at distinguishing right & left

Horrifically messy but maniacally methodical

I have this weird repulsion to long forks, and try not to use them


deeply adored punctuation...

semicolons (;), ellipses (...), and parentheses (()).  Liberal use of well placed commas is a nice touch, too...



Well, that depends; I really like good tobacco & smoking, love hard cider and absinthe, can totally get down with strong black coffee, aren't averse to chocolate chip cookies and even (EGAD!) drink coca-cola... that, out of all of them, is probably the only one I'd consider a "vice"...


things I will never do...

I will never EVER use those awful abbreviations people use when they write emails.  No one will at any time see an email from me making an acronym of "laughing out loud".  Ever.  I also have no plans on ever texting.  Which is good, because I don't have (and have no plans to get) a cell phone.  So that's why I didn't text you back.


things I've always wanted to do, but haven't...

Odin, the Norse god, hung upside down by his foot from a tree for four days (and, in doing so, discovered the meaning of the Runes); I have to admit to finding a weird interest in trying that... hmm... maybe this should go under personal oddities...


favorite writers...

J. R. R. Tolkien

Theodore Roethke

Nathaniel Hawthorne (young goodman brown is such a good story...)

Dale Pendell

Wendell Berry

John Crowley's little, big

J. K. Rowling

Catherynne Valente

e.e. cummings

I did quite like Susanna Clarke's Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell very much


bands & music...

Kansas (Steve Walsh is probably my favorite singer ever)

The Bothy Band

Owain Phyfe

Yes & Jon Anderson's Solo stuff (his earth mother earth totally rules)

Natalie Merchant

Cusan Tan


Tori Amos

John Mellancamp

Jethro Tull


Native American Flute (Robert Mirabal & Bill Miller did a great album called Native Suite)

Queensryche (yup, I grew up a heavy metal guitar player... pray they can reconcile with Chris Degarmo and get back to the territory they explored in Promised Land)

Rising Appalachia


artists I dig...

Steve Baibak (a good friend whose creative virtues, quite frankly, are flabbergasting...)

Brian Froud

Andy Goldsworthy

Gary Larson (no less a genius than Goldsworthy...)


best movies...

My Dinner with Andre


Evil Dead II (yes, really...)

Before Sunrise

Smoke Signals


American Beauty

The Grand Canyon


yes, I do watch TV sometimes...

Lost is a damn cool show (even if the finale was underwhelming)

Star Trek (the original series was so socially radical; y'know it had TVs 1st interracial kiss?)

Dr. Who

Brother Cadfael (it was on PBS... a show about an herbalist monk, how could it not rule?)

The Muppet Show

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Looney Tunes (especially wile e. coyote)

Rocky & Bullwinkle


hmm... I'm done for now; I'll add more later (maybe) when I'm in one of these moods where I feel like I should update something but don't want to think too hard...

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