trout lily ~ erythronium americanum

evening herb walks
at Tenhave Woods
(spring, fall & winter)

& Meininger Park

in royal oak, michigan


with herbalist jim mcdonald



Many of the herb walks I do are daylong affairs, often on weekends.  I understand that this makes coming difficult for some people due to work or family schedules.  Enter the evening herb walk series.  This spring, summer and fall, join me and spend a few hours looking at plants in at Tenhave Woods in Royal Oak, MI (on Normandy between Main/Livernois and Crooks)...

On our walk we'll be wandering around the beautiful Tenhave Woods to explore the medicinal virtues, identification, folklore and preparation of many of the common "weeds" and wildflowers we pass by every day. The information presented will be both specific and practical, based on jim's twenty plus years experience in gathering, preparing, and using herbal remedies, and provide a basis for participants to incorporate what they have learned into usable skills with which to maintain and restore health.
At each walk we'll look at the herbs that are in their prime at the moment, which will vary from season to season.  Please note that evening herb walks (especially in the fall) sometimes flirt with darkness, so bring along a flashlight to keep you illuminated...


...Tuesday, May 9th at Tenhave Woods in ROYAL OAK 

    from 5:30 to 8ishPM


...Tuesday, June 27th at Meininger Park in ROYAL OAK

    from 5:30 to 8ishPM


...Tuesday, October 3rd at Tenhave Woods in ROYAL OAK 
to 7:30ish

I offer walks rain or shine; please have clothes to keep you warm & dry if there's any chance of rain. 




Click here for directions to Tenhave Woods; you can park right on Normandy.  We'll be meeting near the entrance on the East side of the park.


Each walk is $30, and includes extensive handouts on ethical wildcrafting, medicine making, and some of the plants discussed. 


to register...
To register for any of these walks, please either use the PayPal link below or contact me about sending a check.  Registering in advance for walks makes you awesome, and I really appreciate that so very much.  You can, though, bring payment the day of the walk (though it's always nice if you can let me know you're coming).

pay via paypal... choose spring, summer or fall walk.

jim mcdonald has been practicing the art of herbcraft for over 23 years, and offers a knowledge of herbalism that blends western folk and indigenous views of healing with the Vitalist traditions of 19th century western herbalism. He has taught classes and workshops throughout Great Lakes bioregion and the US, hosts the website and is currently writing (alternately) "A Great Lakes Herbal" and "Foundational Herbcraft". jim is a community herbalist, a manic wildcrafter and medicine maker, and has been an ardent student of the most learned teachers of herbcraft... the plants themselves.


Have questions about classes? 
I've got answers to frequently asked questions (like times, weather exceptions and such)



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