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Maureen Dorrington


"The Fragile Parting"


Was it a fragile parting? She asked,

Pulling leaves from your hair.

When you trailed a dusty hand in farewell,

Was it a fragile parting?


You tried to remember how it was you'd come to leave,

If you'd come awilling.

But memory dimmed as she grew bright.

Still you looked down with a dark eye,

So she cupped your face and turned your glance.

Look up.

It was a soft command.

She took you then to the river

where she washed your feet of soil

'Till no trace of earth remained.

And in that pure form

You flashed brilliant and knew

You must leave this gentle place.

So you slipped as a fish from her open palm

Into the dark sea.


I feel your coming.

When you arrive

I will ask

Was yours a fragile parting?


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