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four root (and a bark) brew


This is a "root beer" tea, excellent in both flavor and as a means of warding off winter woes.


To make, combine:
2 parts Sassafras root bark

2 parts Sarsparilla root

1 part Echinacea root

1 part Burdock root

1 part Birch bark


If need be, you can substitute Wintergreen leaves for the Birch bark... but if you use these, please adapt the name of the tea to "four root (and some leaves) brew".


Please note, as well, the words of William Cook, who clearly and unequivocally states of Sassafras, "The bark is an aromatic relaxant and stimulant, yielding most of its properties to water, but commonly rendered almost worthless by boiling."  Or, more plainly: Don't boil this.


Of course, the FDA says that Sassafras is carcinogenic, and its prohibited for internal use. 


But then, I don't say anywhere here what exactly to do with this brew...


jim mcdonald

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