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spicy kinpira


This is a super tasty, super easy dish; good to know how to make, good to eat, and an excellent introduction to the joys of eating Burdock... 


To make:
~Sliver equal parts Carrots and Burdock root
~Mix with a (more or less) equal quantity of Arame

  (a mild seaweed; you buy it dry and rehydrate by soaking it in a bit of water)

Add, to taste, this exquisite sauce:
~3 Tbsp soy sauce/ (tamari or shoyu)
~2 Tbsp rice vinegar
~1 Tbsp hot chili oil/hot chili sesame oil
~2 tsp chinese mustard
~2 tsp chili paste


Sprinkle liberally with sesame seeds.

You can also add jerusalem artichokes/sunchokes to the mix... mmm!


jim mcdonald

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