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Oshanasnea Maple Cough & Cold Syrup


This is a really nice cough & cold syrup… while some people use honey and some people use a simple syrup made with sugar, you simply can’t beat the flavor obtained by combining Osha and Maple Syrup.  This stuff is drinkable…


While the only musts here are Osha and Maple Syrup, this is the formula I first started with.  I often play around with it, and can say that either replacing the Usnea with Wild Cherry Bark (or just adding it to the rest) also tastes pretty darn good…


Combine, in equal parts:

~Osha tincture

~Echinacea tincture

~Usnea tincture


Add 1 "squirt" (about 30 drops) of this combined tincture to each tablespoon of pure Maple Syrup (any grade will do, but Grade B has the strongest Maple flavor).

This syrup can be used as needed as a cough and cold remedy, and is quite delightful in flavor and effect (i.e. your kids aren’t likely to complain...)


jim mcdonald

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