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sausage and kale in balsamic

` 1/2 to one pound of sausage (pork, venison, whatever; ethically raised, please)

` 2 eggs

` a big heaping pile of chopped kale.  Like, lots.  More than in looks like your pan will hold.
  (other greens, especially wild ones, can be added or substituted with wild abandon)

` sesame seeds, toasted

` bacon grease
` crumbled feta

stuff in bottles
` very good balsamic vinegar, or a balsamic reduction

1.) Cook up the sausage... I, myself, prefer links in this recipe. When done, cut or break up the cooked sausage into bit sized pieces.
2.) Scramble two eggs; add sausage and reserve for later use.
3.) In bacon grease (or butter, or lard or your preferred cooking oil) cook the kale till evenly glazed with oil and wilted.  If you need, add it in stages so it fits in your pan.  It'll reduce a significantly in volume, which is why you want lots chopped up and ready to add.
4.) Add the eggs and sausage; continue to cook till the eggs are done.
5.) fill up a bowl or two, and drizzle to taste with an awesome tasting balsamic (or balsamic reduction; to make this, simply boil down your vinegar to half its volume).
6.) Add feta crumbles over the top. Maybe some toasted sesame seeds.


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