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This article index is an attempt to collect some of the best information I've found online in a way that allows people who wish to learn it to find the good stuff and skip over the crap.  The links below will carry you off into the perspectives & insights of the best herbalists I know of, and allow you to get a number of sound perspectives on how one might approach various topics.  These perspectives may agree, they may differ, or they may contradict; but all are, I believe, sound, as they're coming from herbalists who've put these ideas into practice and seen the results yielded by them.


Please be aware that, in many cases, this is only a sampling of the articles available by any given herbalist, and I encourage you to use these samplings as a means of seeing which perspectives you resonate with, and exploring those perspectives further via their purveyor's books, websites and classes.


I've generally left out any writings connected to a direct commercial interest, and have used my judgment in weeding out ideas I (objectively) think suck.   This means you'll not find any espousing of such notions as "we're all filled with parasites" or "if herbs aren't standardized, they won't contain the plants active ingredients and so won't be effective."  Nope, none of that here.


Some of the articles listed here have been previously "collected" by other insightful herbalists, and in such cases, I've done my best to credit not only the writer but the collector, or "editor", as well.  Basically, if the article wasn't written by the person whose site it's on, I've noted the site and author.  "MH" references that the source comes from Paul Bergner's journal Medical Herbalism; either by him or other clinical herbalists.  Paul's site is loaded with many more articles, and worth scouring.  Info housed on Henriette's Herbal with multiple authors is noted by an "HH".  I've often tried to include the names of multiple authors, but haven't always done so, when there are lots and it makes me run over one line...


Since I started this thing, the number of herb sites has really escalated, especially blogs.  I find it hard to keep up with the good information available (and, honestly, typing in links is really quite a drag to do and I have to be in a state of mind to get myself to slog through it), but if you ever come across something that you think is really rather insightful (which means not things like, "valerian is good for insomnia!"), and you think it'd be a good addition here, you can always send the suggestion along in an email, and after several months (or perhaps a couple years) when I feel obligated to fix broken links, I'll try to include it.


Also, though I'm personally less interested in evidenced based information (studies and research) on herbs than I am on actual use by herbalists, I do value it greatly.  The website greenmedinfo.com is an exceptional collection of evidenced based research on medicinal plants, and would be an invaluable resource for those who need to use this type of justification to offer care in more conventional settings.

You can jump to a heading by clicking on what you're looking for...


Herbology and Herbalism: Two Sides of the Same Coin (michael tierra)

An Introduction to Herbal Medicine (david winston)

Medicine of the People (nancy & michael phillips)

Dandelion Mind (coreypine shane)

An Herbology of Relationship (guido mase)

Community Based Herbalism (7song)

An Herbal Contribution to Preventive Medicine (david hoffmann)

Herbal Detoxification (david hoffmann)

This is Anarcho-Herbalism (SWSBM-laurel luddite)

Herbal medicine commentary: are we 'chasing fairies'? (guido mase)

The Core Nature of Plants (kiva rose) 

Signatures (henriette kress)

Absorption (henriette kress)

Thoughts on Standardization (nancy & michael phillips)

The biggest obstacle to perfect health (chris kresser)

An assumption (henriette kress)



Gathering your own herbs (jim mcdonald)

Wildcrafting for Beginners (howie brownstein)

Wildcrafting Ethics (howie brownstein)

Wildcrafting for the Practicing Herbalist (7song)

The Spiritual Dimension of Wildcrafting (matthew wood)

Wildcrafting for Future Generations (juliet blankespoor)

Deep as root and song: rambling praise of wildcrafting (kiva rose)

harvesting umbelliferaes (howie brownstein)
Ethical wildcrafting guidelines (amanda klenner)

Cleaning roots  (henriette kress)

Bark medicines (HH-caldecott/brownstein/hedley/marles)


Materia Medica

American Extra Pharmacopeia (david winston)


Herbal Systems & Approaches

Therapeutics from the Physiomedical Dispensatory (MH-william cook)

Herbal Energetics in Clinical Practice (michael moore)

Study Guide to the Six Tissue States (matthew wood)

The Three Basic Principles of Traditional Western Herbalism (matthew wood)
Greek herbal medicine: the four qualities and the four degrees (matthew wood)

Eight Galenic Classes of Medicinal Herbs (matthew wood)

Greek Medicine.net (david osborn)

Avicenna's Canon of Medicine Book I (hamdard)

Avicenna's Canon of Medicine Book II (hamdard)

The Doctrine of Signatures (matthew wood)

     Cherokee Medicine and Ethnobotany (david winston)
American botanic medicine (david winston)

Introduction to Physiomedicalism (todd caldecott)

Fundamentals of Vitalism - Herbal Actions (MH-paul bergner)

Weaving Our Way Fourward (ryn midura)
Vital[ist] Lifestyle Interventions (ryn midura)

The Herbal Tradition (michael tierra/david winston)

Traditional Western Herbal Medicine (michael tierra)

 What is eclecticism? (michael tierra)

An Introduction to Specific Medicines (kiva rose)
Constitutional Herbalism & the Energetics of Western Herbs (christopher hobbs)

The role of Islamic scholarship in perserving western herbalism (michael tierra)
Depth Diagnosis in the Practice of Sacred Plant Medicine (stephen buhner)

Comparative Evaluation of Diagnostic Systems used in Herbal Medicine (michael tierra)

Traditions in Western Herbal Medicine (HH-Peter Cook)

5 Phases: Bodies, Minds, Hearts Mirror the Changes of Place (larken bunce)

Thomsonism and Ayurveda (todd caldecott - link dead, but so good I'll ask todd to repost)

An introduction to flower essences (HH-suzanne sky)

Spirit and Practice of the Wise Woman Tradition (susun weed)

What’s Science Got to Do with It?  (susun weed)

Scottish Folk Medicine (chanchal cabrera)

Practical methods and Making connections (ananda wilson)

An Exploration of the Conceptual Foundations of Western Herbalism (matthew wood)

Of the Earth - Original Speech and the Senses (kiva rose)

Talking with Plants: The Prequel (kiva rose)

Talking with Plants I: Opening (kiva rose) 

Talking with Plants II: Engagement and Immersion (kiva rose) 

Talking with Plants III: Core Nature, Energetics & Other Languages (kiva rose) 

Talking with Plants: An Aside (kiva rose) 


The Practice of Herbalism

The right to practice herbology, legal history and basis (roger wicke)
Wisdom for herbalists (henriette kress)
Passion, purpose and practice for the herbalist (kiva rose) 

Creating simple and effective herbal protocols (guido mase)

herbalist in waiting and waiting and waiting... (wendy snow fogg)

Philosophical Musings on the Art of Healing (althea northage orr ~ essential reading)

Methods of Holistic Evaluation (matthew wood)
FDA on GMPs - Notes on a lecture by Roy Upton (rosalee de la foret)

Intake Form (7song)

Guidelines for Intake (7song)

Herbalistic Practices (7song)

The Herbalist's Way Health Inventory Form (nancy phillips)

This Root Doctor does not intend to treat medical conditions (sean donahue)

The Basis of My Claims aka What I Know and How I Know It (kiva rose) 

Twelve Tips for Cultivating Intimacy with your Plant Allies (kiva rose) 

Common Sense Tips for Practicing Herbalism in Rural America (kiva rose)

Vital[ist] Lifestyle Interventions (ryn midura)

Revolutionary Herbalism (mélanie pulla)
Herbalism in Nursing & Herb Drug Interactions (larken bunce)
Bridge-walking: Thoughts on herbalism, nursing & the need to work together (wendy hounsel)
Persist: Advice to myself on being a better herbalist (wendy hounsel)


Certification of Herbalists

Some Arguments against the Standardization of Herbalists (stephen buhner)


Medicine Making
Simples and Formulas (kiva rose)

Simple Guidelines for Purchasing Herbs (kiva rose)

Ramblings & Rants on Storage, Processing & Expiration Dates (kiva rose)

Notes on Alcohol for the Beginning Herbalist (kiva rose)
The Mineral Content of Herbal Decoctions (MH-paul bergner)
Tinctures (henriette kress)

Troubleshooting herbal oils (henriette kress)

Troubleshooting salves (henriette kress)

A General Guide to Creating an Effective Pain Liniment or Salve (kiva rose)
Herbal Smoking Mixtures (howie brownstein)

But I don't like the taste of water.....  (darcey blue)

Herbal Lemonade: A new way to enjoy your herbal infusions (darcey blue)



Building a Formula: Selection Criteria & Dosing Strategies (chanchal cabrera)


Herbal Actions & Energetics

Herbal Properties and Actions (jim mcdonald)

     The Ten Tastes (david winston)... will try and get this back

Terms of the Herbalist's Trade (kiva rose)

An Introduction to Herbal Actions (kiva rose)

Herbal Energetics (kiva rose)

The Language of Herbs (alan tillotson)

Alterative (kiva rose)

Alteratives and Bad Blood (MH-paul bergner)

Herbal Alteratives & Depuratives  (ed smith)

Herbal Alteratives: Removing the Obstacles to Cure (shane foley)

Harmony Remedies: An Overview of Adaptogens (david winston)

Adaptogen (kiva rose)
Adaptogenic tonics (guido mase)

Herbs that promote general resistance (MH-paul bergner)

Herbal Adaptogens (christopher hobbs)

Mint Family Anti-Inflammatories (henriette kress)

Anti-Rheumatics (david hoffmann)

Anti-Spasmodic (david hoffmann)

Aromatics (Carminatives and other Movers and Shakers) (kiva rose)

Astringent (kiva rose)

Astringents (david hoffmann)

Rose Family Astringents (henriette kress)

Astringents vs. anti-inflammatories (henriette kress)

Blessed Bitters (jim mcdonald)
Bitters: the revival of a forgotten flavor (danielle charles-davies)

Bitters (kiva rose)

Bitters Blogparty (with Bitter Herbs Differentials)  (kiva rose)

Bitters (david hoffmann)

Bitters (henriette kress)

Carminative (david hoffmann)

Carrot Family Carminatives (henriette kress)

Cholagogue (david hoffmann)

Cytotoxic, Anti-cancer & Anti-tumor (david hoffmann)

Demulcent (kiva rose)

Demulcent (david hoffmann)

Diffusive and permanent (kiva rose)

William Cook on diaphoretics (MH-Cook; ed. by Bergner)

Diuretics (david hoffmann)

Diuretics (henriette kress)

Emmenagogues: Are they or are they not? (david hoffmann)

The Emmenagogues (michael tierra)

Expectorant (david hoffmann)

Hepatics (david hoffmann)

Hypnotic (david hoffmann)

Hypotensives (david hoffmann)

Nervine(kiva rose)

Nervine (david hoffmann)

Trophorestorative (kiva rose)

Excess and Deficiency (kiva rose)

Stimulating & Relaxing (kiva rose)

Plants Without Boundaries: Variable Temperature Herbs (kiva rose)



A Brief Overview of the Biological Immune system (david hoffmann)

The Immune System and its Specific Problems (david hoffmann)

Immune System: An Overview (christopher hobbs)

Herbalists view - Immunity and Lymph (7song)

A General Approach to Infection (david hoffmann)

A Phyto-Therapeutic Approach to the Immune System (david hoffmann)

Herbs for the Immune System (juliet blankespoor)

Immunity, Holism and Phyto-therapy (david hoffmann)

Immuno-stimulation, Immuno-modulation or what? (david hoffmann)

Systemic lupus erythematosus (MH-paul bergner)

Lupus (david hoffmann)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (chanchal cabrera)

Allergies (henriette kress)

Seasonal Allergies (guido mase)

Allergic Reactions (7song)

Allergy (chanchal cabrera)
Herbal Relief from Seasonal Allergies (katja swift)

Musings on The Treatment of Allergies (karen vaughan)

Immediate food allergy reactions and food sensitivities (angie goodloe)


Infections & Illnesses

The Energetics of Fever (AUDIO)  (jim mcdonald)
Diaphoretics and colds (MH-paul bergner)

That darn cold (coreypine shane) 

Herbs for Colds and Flu (coreypine shane)

Flu Herbs (coreypine shane)

How To Treat Colds and Flu with Herbal Medicine (karen vaughan)
Herbal Support for Influenza (guido mase)

Getting through the Peak of Flu Season (katja swift)
How to Survive the Flu: Part 1: PREVENTION (darcey blue)

How to Survive the Flu, Part 2: Acute Remedies (darcey blue)

Green Man's Guide to Flu Season -- Part 1: Prevention (sean donahue)

Green Man's Guide To the Flu: Part 2 -- Dealing with the Flu (sean donahue)

Pandemics, Trauma, and Fear (sean donahue)

Common Cold (david hoffmann)

Winter Cold Care: Lymph Love (rebecca hartman)

Herbs & Vaccines: Can herbs make vaccines more effective? (bevin clare)

Herbs and virology: A primer on Viruses and Herbal Medicine (bevin clare)

Antiviral botanicals in herbal medicine (paul bergner)

Lupus (david hoffmann)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (chanchal cabrera)

Infections (david hoffmann)

Two Case Studies in Cellulitis (kiva rose)

Influenza (david hoffmann)

Chicken Pox (Varicella) (david hoffmann)

Measles (Rubeola) (david hoffmann)

Mononucleosis (HH-howie brounstein)

Mumps (david hoffmann)

Treatment for Lyme Disease (althea notrhage orr)
Tick-borne diseases: Their effective treatment... (MH-david winston)

Lyme Disease Index (Lady Barbara)

Lyme Disease: A Practitioner's Experience & Discovery (wendy snow fogg)

Chronic Lyme Disease and Co-infections (rebecca snow)

Herbal Considerations for Cold Sores ~ an excerpt (rosalee de la foret)
Everything I know about the dreaded Cold Sore (rosalee de la foret)

Lemon balm and other mints for the treatment of herpes (michael tierra)

HPV & Herbal Treatment (joshua muscat)

Honey as a Dressing for Wounds, Burns, and Ulcers (l. b. grotte)
Antiviral Botanicals in Herbal Medicine (paul bergner)

Using honey for wound healing (patricia kyritsi howell)



Heart Disease / Cholesterol (chris kresser)
Herbs and nutrition for cardiovascular health and disease (david winston)
Cardiac Herbs: Beyond Hawthorn (steven horne)

Herbal Therapy & the Cardiovascular System (david hoffmann)

Cardiovascular Herbs and Hypertension (MH-paul bergner)
Materia medica for the cardiovascular system (guido mase)

Herbalist's View - Cardiovascular System (7song)

Cholesterol and statins (HHB-henriette kress)

Statins and cholesterol (HHB-henriette kress)

Angina Pectoris (david hoffmann)

Arteriosclerosis (david hoffmann)

Cardiac Remedies (david hoffmann)

Congestive Heart Failure (david hoffmann)

Heart Attack (david hoffmann)

Hypertension (david hoffmann)

Hypotension (david hoffmann)

Herbs and Hypertension (karen vaughan)
Cinnamon helps Insulin Resistance & Cardiovascular Disease (karen vaughan)
Vitamin D Prevents Cancer/Diabetes/MS/Heart Attack/Pain 
(karen vaughan)

Water Retention - Edema (david hoffmann)

Getting the blood moving (coreypine shane)

Arterial Disease (todd caldecott)

Varicose veins and hemorrhoids (aviva romm)

Varicose Veins- A Solution (katja swift)

Varicose Veins (david hoffmann)

Varicose Veins (chanchal cabrera)

Hemorrhoids (HHB-henriette kress)

Dietray recommendations for Anaemia (chanchal cabrera)


The Lungs and Breathing (todd caldecott)

Breath of Life - Nature's Abundant Adaptogen (suzanne sky)

Herbal Therapy & the Respiratory System (david hoffmann)

The Lower Respiratory System (david hoffmann)
Materia Medica for the respiratory system (guido mase)

Herbs for the Respiratory System (7song)

Breath of Life; Understanding our Respiratory System (rosalee de la foret)

     Breathing (chanchal cabrera)

That darn cold (coreypine shane) 

What to expect from expectorants (coreypine shane)

Stimulating expectorants (coreypine shane)

Using herbs to treat seasonal phlegm (lucinda warner)

     Colds and Flu (chanchal cabrera)

Eclectic & Specific Botanical Protocols For Asthma (david winston)

Asthma (david hoffmann)

Bronchitis Acute (david hoffmann)

Bronchitis Chronic (david hoffmann)

Bronchitis recipes and formulae (MH-jill stansbury)

Cough (david hoffmann)

What's In A Cough? (shane foley)

Herbs for cough (HH-barbara heller/carolyn mohney)

Lung grunges (henriette kress)

Herbs for the Respiratory System (christa sinadinos)

Botanical Approaches to Winter Respiratory Complaints (jill stansbury)

Emphysema (david hoffmann)

Pertussis (david hoffmann)
Surviving sinusitis (jim mcdonald)

The Upper Respiratory System (david hoffmann)

Tonics for the Upper Respiratory System (david hoffmann)

Allergies (henriette kress)

Allergies and Asthma (guido mase)
Herbal support for tobacco cessation (guido mase)

Ears, Nose, Eyes & Throat

Herbal therapies for eye, ear, nose and throat conditions (david winston)

Hay Fever (david hoffmann)

Laryngitis (david hoffmann)

Ear aches in kids (HHB-henriette kress)

The Midnight Earache (HHB-henriette kress)

Chronic childhood ear infections (MH-paul bergner)

Otitis Media (david hoffmann)

Natural treatments for Otitis Media (MH-mary bove)

Surviving Sinusitis (jim mcdonald)
nasal & eyewashes I've known and loved (jim mcdonald)

Seasonal Allergies (guido mase)
Sinusitis (david hoffmann)

Meniere's Disease (jim mcdonald)

Tonsillitis (david hoffmann)

Herbal Considerations for Cold Sores ~ an excerpt (rosalee de la foret)
Everything I know about the dreaded Cold Sore (rosalee de la foret)

Foods for Healthy Vision (karen vaughan)



toothaches (howie brownstein)

Quick fix: toothache (HHB-henriette kress)



If you are into herbs/health/diet, why are you fat? (karen vaughan)
How I fell in love with fat (gil heldey)
Our absurd fear of fat (paul campos)
7 problems with the obesity epidemic (sean donahue)

What is Metabolic Syndrome and what to do about it (darcey blue)

Insulin Resistance – The Metabolic Rollercoaster Ride (natalie vickery)

Syndrome X Notes (MH-paul bergner)

     Metabolic Syndrome and Adult Onset Diabetes (mary pat palmer)

     Diabetes and Syndrome X (chanchal cabrera)

Strategies for Insulin Resistance (karen vaughan)
Cinnamon helps Insulin Resistance & Cardiovascular Disease (karen vaughan)

Healing Insulin Resistance and Digestive Function with Food (kiva rose) 

Syndrome X (henriette kress)

High BP, high triglycerides, weight gain ...  (henriette kress)

Cell responses to insulin (henriette kress)

Syndrome X: supplements (henriette kress)

Syndrome X: exercise (henriette kress)

Cravings  (henriette kress)

Craving carbs (henriette kress)

Doing without carbs (henriette kress)

Craving magnesium (henriette kress)

Magnesium (henriette kress)

Diet herbs (henriette kress)

Herbs and weight loss (patricia harper)

Spring Cleaning - Supporting the Liver with Herbs (christa sinadinos)

Cleansing and Herbal Medicine (7song)

Food Poisoning - AKA: The Double Dilemma (lisl meredith huebner)



Supporting your digestion with herbs (larken bunce)
Materia medica for the digestive system (guido mase)
Herbal Therapy for Digestive System Disorders (david hoffmann)

Herbalist's View - Digestion (7song)

The Digestive System: An Herbalist's Perspective (rosalee de la foret)

Constipation (david hoffmann)

Herbs for constipation (HHH-barbara heller)

Heartburn/GERD (chris kresser)

Acid-Reducing Medicines May Lead to Dependency (american gastro/ent asso.)

Diarrhea (david hoffmann)

Diverticulitis (david hoffmann)

Esophagitis & Gastroesophageal reflux (david hoffmann)

Flatulence (david hoffmann)

Improving Digestive Health With Carminative Herbs (christa sinadinos)

Gastritis (david hoffmann)

Hemorrhoids and suppositories (rosalee de la foret)

Hemorrhoids (david hoffmann)

Hemorrhoids (henriette kress)

Indigestion (henriette kress)

Indigestion (david hoffmann)

Gut upset: quick tests (henriette kress)

A Simple Belly Brew (kiva rose) 
Gut heal tea (ryn midura)

Stomach ache, Ulcers & Heartburn (susun weed)

     Treating Bowel Disease (chanchal cabrera)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (david hoffmann)

Peptic Ulceration (david hoffmann)

Herbal treatment for ulcers (MH-bergner/tilgner)

Garlic and Ulcers (MH-paul bergner)

Motion Sickness (david hoffmann)

Phytotherapeutic approaches to lower bowel disease I (MH-chanchal cabrera)

Phytotherapeutic approaches to lower bowel disease II (MH-chanchal cabrera)

Leaky gut, molecular mimicry, microchimerism, & autoimmunity (MH-paul bergner)

Chronic gut upset (henriette kress)

Food sensitivities (henriette kress) 

The Hiccough Story (7song)

Lifestyle troubles (henriette kress)

Diet herbs (henriette kress)

Swedish bitters (henriette kress)

Digestive Distress (susun weed)

That Filthy Colon  (susun weed)
The myth of-herbal detox (sean donahue)

Cleansing and Herbal Medicine (7song)

Herbalist's View of First Aid-Focus on Digestion (7song)

The Importance of Fluids and Electrolyte Balance (karen vaughan)
How to Make Oral Rehydration Salts (karen vaughan)

An summary of gut hormones (HHH-michael moore)
Cleansing and Detoxification Questions and Answers (sharon roller)


Liver & Gallbladder

Herbalists View of the Liver (7song)

The Liver (david hoffmann)

     Herbal Medicine and the Liver (chanchal cabrera)

Hot vs. cold liver (henriette kress)

Spring Tips for a Happy Liver (lesley tierra)

Weedy Treatments for Liver Heat, Congestion and Hepatitis (kiva rose)

Treatment for liver heat and congestion (kiva rose)

Herbal treatments for hepatitis (HHH-andrew pengelly)

Hepatitis (david hoffmann)

Hepatitis C (christopher hobbs)

Hepatitis C (karen vaughan)  

Four cases of Hepatitis C (MH-jill stansbury)

Jaundice (david hoffmann)

Herbal treatment of functional liver disease (MH-paul bergner)

Liver energetics in alcoholics (henriette kress)

Liver - Sluggish or damaged (MH-paul bergner)

Cleansing and Herbal Medicine (7song)

Liver flush (MH-paul bergner)

Cholecystitis (david hoffmann)

Gallstones (david hoffmann)


Nervous System, Stress & the Adrenals

Eclectic & Botanical Protocols for Mental Health (david winston)
Nervines: complimentary herbs for adaptogens (david winston)

Herbal Therapy for Nervous System Disorders (david hoffmann)

The Nervous System and Herbal Remedies (david hoffmann)

Materia medica for the nervous system (guido mase)

Herbalists View - Nervous System (7song)

Herbal Remedies and Stress Management (david hoffmann)

Herbal Therapy & the Adrenal Glands (david hoffmann)

Managing Stress: An Overview (david hoffmann)

Herbal Support for Stress (anne mcintyre)

Stress (david hoffmann)
The Use of Nervines in the Treatment of Mental and Nervous Disorders (althea northage orr)

Relax Already: Selected Nervine Differentials (kiva rose)
Joyful herbs for darker days (guido mase)

Nourishing the nerves - specific medicines (MH-deborah francis)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (althea northage orr)

     Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (chanchal cabrera)

Anemone for Panic Attacks (7song)
CPTSD, allostatic load and giving no fucks (kirsten hale)

Trauma informed herbalism (kirsten hale)

Calming herbs and nervine differentials (kiva rose)

Stress Relief with Nervine Herbs (christa sinadinos)

Nettle Seeds & The Adrenals (kiva rose)

Nettle Seeds as Adrenal Adaptogen: An Update (kiva rose)


Eclectic & Botanical Protocols for Mental Health (david winston)

Herbs for Happiness (henriette kress)

Herbs for sorrow (henriette kress)

Herbs for heartbreak (erin mcintosh)
Quick notes on herbs for grief and fear (sean donahue)

Calming Herbs & Nervine Differentials (kiva rose)

A few of my favorite calming & uplifting herbs (kiva rose)

Comforting Herbs (rebecca hartman)

Joyful herbs for darker days (guido mase)

Depression (chris kresser)
     Depression (chanchal cabrera)

Depression (david hoffmann)

Depressed? (susun weed)
Herbs for post partum depression (henriette kress)

Herbs That Ease Anxiety & Fear (susun weed)

Are There Herbs for Low Self Esteem? (anne mcintyre)
Self medicating (sean donahue)
Herbs and mental health (guido mase)
CPTSD, allostatic load and giving no fucks (kirsten hale)
Trauma informed herbalism (kirsten hale)

Dealing with Domestic Violence or Emotional Abuse (karen vaughan)

Somatics, Staphysagria, and Regaining Wholeness (yael grauer)


Working with Autistic Adults (sean donahue)

A Holistic View of Aspberger's, Autism and ADHD (katja swift)
What Herbalists Need to Know About Autism (sean donahue)
Herbal Remedies for Autism (k.p. khalsa)
The Untamed Heart: Holistic Approach to Bipolar (john keyes)



Sleep debt: pathophysiology and natural therapeutics (MH-paul bergner)

Insomnia treatment differentials (MH-michael moore)

Insomnia is not insomnia is not insomnia (rebecca hartman)

Treating Sleep Problems with Herbs (anne mcintyre)
Sleeplessness (henriette kress)

Insomnia (david hoffmann)

Herbs for Insomnia (christopher hobbs)

Mugwort (henriette kress)

Herbs for vivid dreams (HHH-Gardiner/McClain-Furmanski)



Herbs for Back Pain (jim mcdonald)

Herbal Therapy & the Musculo-Skeletal System (david hoffmann)

Arthritis (MH-paul bergner)

Arthritis (david hoffmann)

     Herbs for Arthritis (chanchal cabrera)

Bursitis & Tendinitis (david hoffmann)

Gout (david hoffmann)

Inflammation and Arthritis (david hoffmann)

Arthritis cohosh comparison (MH-wade boyle)

Nettle sting and arthritis (MH-jill hoppe)

Restless Leg Syndrome (MH-paul bergner)

Restless Leg Syndrome (susun weed)

Fibromyalgia  (susun weed)

     Fibromyalgia (chanchal cabrera)

Systemic lupus erythematosus (MH-paul bergner)

Lupus (david hoffmann)

     Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (chanchal cabrera)

Osteo-Arthritis (david hoffmann)

Osteoporosis (david hoffmann)

     Osteoporosis (chanchal cabrera)

Healthy Bones the Wise Woman Way (susun weed)

Building Better Bones (susun weed)

Rheumatoid Arthritis (todd caldecott)

Rheumatism - Myalgia (david hoffmann)

Choice Injury Herbs (kiva rose)




Diseases of the skin (althea northage orr)
Herbal Therapy for Skin Disorders (david hoffmann)

Topical Applications (david hoffmann)

Acne (david hoffmann)

Acne (MH-paul bergner)

Athlete's foot (david hoffmann)

Boils (david hoffmann)

Dandruff (david hoffmann)

Dry Skin (david hoffmann)

Eczema: Dermatitis (david hoffmann)

Fungal Skin Infections (david hoffmann)

Fungal troubles (HHB-henriette kress)

Foot fungi (HHB-henriette kress)

Herbal Therapy & Childhood Skin Disorders (david hoffmann)

Psoriasis (david hoffmann)

Simple Practices to Deal With Psoraisis (karen vaughan)

Shingles (Herpes Zoster) (david hoffmann)

Impetigo (david hoffmann)

Herbs for Sunburn (HHH-brounstein/satin/roberts/gilsdorf/write)

Herbs for irritated skin: spit poultices (rebecca hartman)

Choice Injury Herbs (kiva rose)



Herbalist's view-Kidneys and Urinary System (7song)

Kidney support (MH-sherol tilgner)
Herbal support for the kidneys and urinary tract (guido mase)

Women's Urinary Tract Infections (julie plunkett)

Bladder Infections (susun weed)
A Favorite Regimen for UTIs (kiva rose)

Pain Can Cause Kidney Malfunction- Treat it Now (karen vaughan)

Cystitis (david hoffmann)

Dysuria (david hoffmann)

Hematuria (david hoffmann)

Gout (david hoffmann)

Kidney Stones (david hoffmann)

Water Retention - Edema  (david hoffmann)

Urinary Frequency (david hoffmann)

Urtica semen reduces serum creatinine levels (jonathan treasure)

Chronic Renal Failure (todd caldecott)

Interstitial Cystitis (michael moore)

The Importance of Fluids and Electrolyte Balance (karen vaughan)
How to Make Oral Rehydration Salts (karen vaughan)


Phytotherapy and the Endocrine Glands (david hoffmann)
Materia medica for endocrine disruption (guido mase)

Diabesity (chris kresser)

Herbal Treatment of Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes (david hoffmann)

Diabetes Support Page (richard mcdonald)

     Diabetes (chanchal cabrera)

Diabetes and Syndrome X (chanchal cabrera)

Juvenial diabetes (HHH-alan tillotson)

Cinnamon and diabetes (henriette kress)

Cinnamon and blood sugar (guido mase)
Cinnamon helps Insulin Resistance & Cardiovascular Disease (karen vaughan)
Vitamin D Prevents Cancer/Diabetes/MS/Heart Attack/Pain 
(karen vaughan)

     Hypoglycemia (chanchal cabrera)

Chromium & Blood Sugar Imbalances (kiva rose)

Elderberry & Blood Sugar Modulation (kiva rose)

Sweeteners vs. sugar (HHB-henriette kress)

Thyroid Disorders (chris kresser)

Hyperthyroidism (david hoffmann)

Hypothyroidism (david hoffmann)

Thyroid Function and Dysfunction (ryan drum)

Environmental Origins of Thyroid Disease-Part 1 (ryan drum)

Environmental Origins of Thyroid Disease-Part 2 (ryan drum)

Endocrine disruptors (juliet blankespoor)

Being healed vs being cured - a thyroid patient's perspective (mary shomon)



Food, Medicine, Poison and Molecular Multitasking (jonathan treasure)

Surviving Cancer With Alternative Medicine (mary pat palmer)
Core herbal protocol for Cancer support (guido mase)
Cancer (todd caldecott)
More Semantics! Cytotoxic, Anti-cancer & Anti-tumor (david hoffmann)

Plants & Cancer Research (david hoffmann)

Prostate Cancer and Natural Medicine (christopher hobbs)

My Anti-Cancer Lifestyle (susun weed)

Five Easy Things You Can Do Now To Prevent Breast Cancer (susun weed)

Surviving Radiation - The Wise Woman Way (susun weed)

     Botanical Influences on Estrogen (chanchal cabrera)

Interactions Between Herbs and Anticancer Drugs (jonathan treasure)
Vitamin D Prevents Cancer/Diabetes/MS/Heart Attack/Pain 
(karen vaughan)


Reproductive & Sexual Systems
Herbal Therapy & the Male Reproductive System (david hoffmann)

Herbalists View - Men's Health (7song)

Being a Healthy Man (coreypine shane)
Men's cycles and self reliance (ryn midura)

Men's Health and Wellness (guido mase)

Prostatitis (david hoffmann)

Prostate Cancer and Natural Medicine (christopher hobbs)

Herbs and Men's Health (ryan drum)

Exercise and erectile dysfunction (henriette kress)
Competent Care for Transgender/GenderQueer/Non-Binary Folks (chaya/bunce)
Herbs for transgender folx - audio recording (kara sigler)
Herbs for transgender folx (kara sigler)

TransNatural for Professionals (kara sigler)

Holistic Health For Transgender/Gender Variant Folks (dori midnight)
Herbal Strategies for the Pre & Post Op Body (kara sigler)

Vaginal Ecology: An Owner's Guide to Health and Maintenance (sherri winston)

The Reproductive System (david hoffmann)

Women's Reproductive System (christopher hobbs)

Clinical Phytotherapy for Women’s Health (chanchal cabrera)

The ecology of estrogen in the female human body (juliet blankespoor)

Phytoestrogens (juliet blankespoor)

Uterine Tonics (david hoffmann)

The use of botanical medicines to treat menstrual irregularities (MH-jill stansbury)

Premenstrual Syndrome (MH-chanchal cabrera)

Pre Menstrual Syndrome  PMS (chanchal cabrera)

Pre-Menstrual Tension (david hoffmann)

Ten Tips for Women with PMS (susun weed)
Women's Reproductive Health - A Perspective on Four Key Herbs (christa sinadinos)

Herbs for PMS (christopher hobbs)

Vitex not for PMS (henriette kress)

Amenorrhea (david hoffmann)

Dysmenorrhea (david hoffmann)

Herbs and Dysmenorrhea (MH-paul bergner)

Self Care for Menses (darcey blue)

Herbs for cramps (henriette kress)

Quick fix: menstrual cramps (henriette kress)

Therapeutics for Excessive Uterine Bleeding (kiva rose)

Menorrhagia (david hoffmann)

Emmenagogues: Are they or are they not? (david hoffmann)

Dry Vagina (susun weed)

Endometriosis  (david hoffmann)

Uterine Fibroids (david hoffmann)

Holistic treatment of fibroids (MH-chanchal cabrera)

Herbs useful in the treatment of fibroids (MH-chanchal cabrera)

A Visualization for Fibroids (chanchal cabrera)

One formula for uterine fibroids (jim mcdonald)

Fibroid Help (susun weed)

Female surgery (henriette kress)

Garlic and vaginal infection (MH-paul bergner)

Genital Candidiasis (david hoffmann)

HPV & Herbal Treatment (joshua muscat)

Botanical Therapies for Fibrocystic Breast Disease (MH-jill stansbury)

Fibrocystic Disease (FCD) (david hoffmann)

Menopause and Premenstral Tension (david hoffmann)

Do-It-Yourself Menopause Remedies (aviva jill romm)

Hormone Replacement Therapy & Natural Alternatives (christopher hobbs)

Phytoestrogens - Friend or Foe?  (susun weed)

Osteoporosis (david hoffmann)

Osteoporosis (chanchal cabrera)

Healthy Bones the Wise Woman Way (susun weed)

Building Better Bones (susun weed)

Wild yam cream and natural progesterone (HH-michael moore)

Botanical Influences on Estrogen (chanchal cabrera)


Anatomy of Arousal - excerpt (sherri winston)
Sex-Positive, Pleasure-Oriented, Juicy-Fun Sexual Health (larken bunce)
Valentine's Day herbs
(guido mase)
Have a REALLY Happy Valentine's Day! (lesley tierra)

Birds Do It, Bees Do It: Foods & herbs to spice up your love life (michael tierra)

Herbal Aphrodisiacs (christa sinadinos)
Motherhood and Sex (rachel fee-prince)

Herbs for sex and sexual response (karen vaughan)
Botanica Aphrodisiaca (jiling lin)



Fertility & Contraception (david hoffmann)

Infertility (david hoffmann)

Herbs and female infertility (HHH-roy upton)

Staging Herbal Formulas to Enhance Fertility (karen vaughan)
Full Fat Dairy Helps Ovulation in the Infertile (karen vaughan)

Holistic Herbal Perspectives for Challenges with Fertility (rosalee de la foret)

Red Clover is NOT just for healthy women who want to conceive it is for ALL women who want to conceive (gail faith edwards)

Wild Carrot: A Plant for Conscious, Natural Contraception (robin rose bennett)

Herbal Highway: Queen Anne's Lace (karyn sanders/robin rose bennett)

Interview with Robin Rose Bennett on Queen Anne's Lace (hardin/bennett)

Wild Carrot seed (mase/bennett)

A Conscious Choice For Birth Control (lisl meredith huebner)

Wild yam and contraception (HHH-kress/moore/mueller/campin)

Herbal abortives & common sense (HHH-gardiner/bennett/treasure)

Feeling Frisky – Herbs for Fertility (susun weed)

Fertility After Forty (susun weed)



Pregnancy and Childbirth (chanchal cabrera)

Bach Remedies  for Pregnancy (chanchal cabrera)

Nutrition for Pregnancy (darcey blue)

Real Food Nutrition During Pregnancy : The Do's (rachel fee-prince)

Vitamin D During Pregnancy Reduces Pre-Eclampsia (karen vaughan)

Must Have Herbs for Post Partum (angie goodloe)

Post Partum (david hoffmann)

Discomforts of Pregnancy (david hoffmann)

Mamas bump rub: tips and recipes for preventing stretch marks in pregnancy (lucinda warner)

Herbs to Avoid During Pregnancy (david hoffmann)

Herbs to Avoid During Pregnancy (chanchal cabrera)

Zingiber - Is ginger safe during pregnancy? (MH-paul bergner)

Chinese Herbs Contraindicated In Pregnancy (karen vaughan)

Pregnant Women Should Avoid Antidepressants (karen vaughan)
Herbs for post partum depression (henriette kress)

Varicose veins and hemorrhoids (aviva romm)

Motherhood and Sex (rachel fee-prince)



Homemade Baby Formula (katja swift)

Herbs and Children (david hoffmann)

Children and Herbal Therapy  (david hoffmann)

Herbal Remedies for Babies & Children (chanchal cabrera)

Holistic Wellness and our Kids (angie goodloe)

Healthy Children (jaime de la barrera)
Herbs for supporting nursing mothers (lucinda warner)

Breastfeeding Problems - Natural Remedies Part 1 (susun weed)
Breastfeeding Problems - Natural Remedies Part 2 (susun weed)

Feeding Breastfeeding Moms To Promote Lactation (karen vaughan)
Nursing Mothers, Infants and Vitamin D (karen vaughan)

Liquid Extracts in Pediatric Practice (aviva jill romm)

Herbs for common pediatric conditions (MH-mary bove)

Diaper Rash (david hoffmann)

Colic (david hoffmann)`

Cradle Cap (Seborrheic Dermatitis) (david hoffmann)

Teething Tincture (jim mcdonald)

Childhood Constipation (david hoffmann)

Childhood Diarrhea (david hoffmann)

Childhood Indigestion (david hoffmann)

Childhood Nausea  (david hoffmann)

The Importance of Fluids and Electrolyte Balance (karen vaughan)
How to Make Oral Rehydration Salts (karen vaughan)

Ear aches in kids (henriette kress)

The Midnight Earache (henriette kress)

Chronic childhood ear infections (MH-paul bergner)

Herbal Therapy & Childhood Skin Disorders (david hoffmann)

Juvenial diabetes (HHH-alan tillotson)

Immunity & Kids (lisl meredith huebner)

Tonsillitis (david hoffmann)

Chicken Pox (Varicella) (david hoffmann)

Measles (Rubeola) (david hoffmann)

Mumps (david hoffmann)

Natural treatments for Otitis Media (MH-mary bove)

Otitis Media (david hoffmann)

Pinworms (henriette kress)

A Holistic View of Aspberger's, Autism and ADHD (katja swift)
The Benefits of Nature for children with ADHD (guido mase)

Herbal Remedies for Autism (k.p. khalsa)

Herbs, ADD, and replacing Ritalin (HHH-roy upton)

Hyperactivity (david hoffmann)

ADHD (christopher hobbs)

Motherhood and Sex (rachel fee-prince)


Elder Years

Herbs and nutrition for healthy aging (david winston)

Herbal Therapy & Elder Health (david hoffmann)

Toning and Nurturing Health in Elders (david hoffmann)

The Biology of Aging (david hoffmann)

Prescribing Issues Unique to Elders (david hoffmann)

Ginkgo and Alzheimer's Disease (david hoffmann)

Osteoporosis (david hoffmann)

Healthy aging (jaime de la barrera)



Working with Pain (coreypine shane)

Herbs for Nerve Pain (coreypine shane)

Herbs for Muscle Pain (coreypine shane)

Phytotherapy for Pain (eric yarnell)

Herbal Approaches to Pain and Inflammation (guido mase)

Headaches (7song)

Headache (david hoffmann)

A few herbs for headaches (kiva rose)

Herbal Headache treatments with differentials (kiva rose)

Natural Therapies for Headaches (darcey blue)

Migraine (david hoffmann)

Headaches/Migraine (susun weed)

Kudzu found effective for relief of cluster headaches (michael tierra)

Botanicals and chronic pain (MH-paul bergner)

Remedy differentials in Migraine (MH-paul bergner)

The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon (richard gale)

Herbs for migraines (HHH-eugenia provence)

Always consider the cause of pain (MH-chanchal cabrera)

Specific medication for pain with toxic botanicals (MH-paul bergner)

Fly agaric (henriette kress)

Fibromyalgia (todd caldecott)

Fibromyalgia  (susun weed)

     Fibromyalgia (chanchal cabrera)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (chanchal cabrera)

Choice Injury Herbs (kiva rose)

Pain Can Cause Kidney Malfunction- Treat it Now (karen vaughan)
Vitamin D Prevents Cancer/Diabetes/MS/Heart Attack/Pain 
(karen vaughan)


First Aid/Injuries

Setting up a First Aid Clinic (7song)

First Aid Checklist (7song)

Herbal First Aid for Large Groups (7song)

Herbalist's View of First Aid-Focus on Digestion (7song)
Herbal First Aid Wound Care (7Song)

Trauma and Wound Care (7song)

Wilderness First Aid (7song)

Osha - with a focus on first aid uses (7song)

Topical Herbal First Aid (christa sinadinos)

Injury Therapeutics with Differentials (kiva rose)

Choice Injury Herbs (kiva rose)

Burn Treatment Tips (kiva rose)

Herbal First Aid (rosalee de la foret)

Sports Injuries (todd caldecott)

A Simple Cure for Brown Recluse Bites (MH-sasha daucus)

Botanical Treatments for Insect Bites and Stings (kiva rose) 

Evening Primrose for Wounds, Stings and Bites (kiva rose)

Honey as a Dressing for Wounds, Burns, and Ulcers (l. b. grotte)

Using honey for wound healing (patricia kyritsi howell)

Healing Through the Veil: Field Notes on Psychedelic First Aid (sean donahue)

Top 7 Backpack Remedies: Plant Allies for the Trail & Road (kiva rose)

Herbal support for traumatic brain injury (guido mase)


Cautions, contraindiactions, drug interactions

     Introduction to side effects, safety & toxicity of herbs (HHH-jonathan treasure)

     Medline &The Mainstream Manufacture of Misinformation (jonathan treasure)
Herbs, Vitamins and Pharmaceuticals (guido mase)

Politics and Herbal Medicine (henriette kress)

Guidelines for the Safe Use of Herbs (alan tillotson)



Comfrey, Coltsfoot, and Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids (MH-paul bergner)

Comfrey is Comfrey is Comfrey or is it? (MH-paul bergner)

Hepatotoxicity of pyrrolizidine alkaloids (MH-paul bergner)

Is Comfrey Safe?  (david hoffmann)
Safety Issues Affecting Herbs: Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids (subhuti dharmananda)

Livertoxic PAs (henriette kress)

Comfrey Central Research Index (dorena rude)

Medicinal plants in Europe containing pyrrolizidine alkaloids (HHH-röder)

Saint John's Wort

     Herb-Drug Interactions Quick Reference: St.John's Wort (jonathan treasure)

     St. John's Wort Interactions Table (jonathan treasure)

     Warding off evil St. John's wort as a xensosensory activator (jonathan treasure)

Hypericum, drug interactions, and liver effects (MH-paul bergner)

SJW; Photosensitivity/MAOI/Standardization (HHH-samson/taylor/kress)

SJW and the pill (henriette kress)

Kava Kava

Kava and the Risk of Liver Toxicity:Past, Current, and Future (rolf teschke, md)

Herbal hepatotoxicity by kava: Update on pipermethystine, flavokavain B,and mould hepatotoxins as primarily assumed culprits (teschkea, qiub, lebot

W.H.O. Says Kava is Safe! (Kona Kava Farm)
W.H.O. Says Kava is Safe, Australia Bans It  (Kona Kava Farm)
More Evidence Against Liver Toxicity!  (Kona Kava Farm)
Update on the Alleged Liver Toxicity of Kava  (HerbPharm)

Kava-Kava doesn't seem to be liver-toxic at all (guido mase)

Safety of ethanolic kava extract: Results of a study of chronic toxicity in rats

Effects of kava alkaloid, pipermethystine, and kavalactones on oxidative stress and cytochrome P450 in F-344 rats

In Vitro Toxicity of Kava Alkaloid, Pipermethystine,in HepG2 Cells as Compared to Kavalactones

Kava Kava (wikipedia)

Kava lactones & the kava-kava controversy (***note that this appears to have been written before the understanding of adulteration of kava root with leaves/stems)


Ginkgo and blood thinners (MH-paul bergner)

Ginkgo and bleeding (henriette kress)


Ephedra - Contraindications for Mahuang (MH-paul bergner)

Stimulating questions about Ephedra (MH-paul bergner)


Fennel fruit, estragole and the breast feeding mother (david hoffmann)

Echinacea Myths (paul bergner)

Echinacea Myths (robyn klein)

Yew toxicity (henriette kress)

Licorice side effects (henriette kress)

Trusting ginseng products?  (henriette kress)

Elder toxicity (henriette kress)

Cleansing and Herbal Medicine (7song)

Healing crisis (henriette kress)

The gall bladder flush (HHH-multiple authors)

Could these be gallstones? (the lancet)

Phytoestrogens - Friend or Foe?  (susun weed)

How Safe is Soy?  (susun weed)

Grapefruit Seed Extract (MH-todd caldecott)

Grapefruit Seed Extract explained (kathy abascal)

     Standardized Extracts (chanchal cabrera)

The flax seed oil scam (henriette kress)

still unsorted...
Clearing with aromatic plants(sean donahue)
     Pre and post Surgical Care (chanchal cabrera)
Herbal Strategies for the Pre & Post Op Body (kara sigler)

Energy Boost - The Wise Woman Way (susun weed)

Getting rid of horsetail (henriette kress)

Sweeteners vs. sugar (henriette kress)
Celandine tattoos (henriette kress)
Tongue Diagnosis (christopher hobbs)

Transgenerational Herbal Therapy  (ryan drum)

Dealing with jetlag (katja swift)

Nourishing the Wild Self: Part 1- What is the Wild Self (darcey blue)

Nourishing the Wild Self: Part 2 -What is True Nourishment? (darcey blue)

Nourishing the Wild Self: Part 3- nourishing foods and local food (darcey blue)

Work, play, and staying fit  (darcey blue)


Stirring the sluggish body and spirit (yael grauer)

Coffee Herbs (karen vaughan)

The health benefits of coffee (gail faith edwards)

Foods for Yin Deficiency 
(karen vaughan)
Coping With Nicotine Withdrawal 
(karen vaughan)
Foods for phlegm dampness 
(karen vaughan)
Foods and Herbs to Avoid With Gluten Sensitivity? 
(karen vaughan)

How to make magnesium bicarbonate water (karen vaughan)

Fatty acid essentials (karen vaughan)

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